Worked with a group of peers during Hack The North to develop a website that helps read and identify human emotion.

Developed with JavaScript/HTML along with ASP.NET/Blazor for both the front and back-end.

Created a Domino Game. Play with 3 other computers (uses brute force to place blocks), goes until someone is a winner.

Developed within ICS3U course at Milliken Mills High School. Coded entirely from Python 3.4, GUI interface developed using the TKINTER library in Python.

Helped to create team code for the 2020 FRC Competition for Silver Knights 7735 everybot. The bot is able to move as well as pick up and dump balls. Supports both automated as well as remote-controlled movement.

Developed using Java 11 as well as FRC Robotics Resource Library.

Created a downloadable copy of Pong . Solo player mode in which player attempts to get the highest score possible with ball increasing speed as your score increases.

Developed using HTML and Javascript, utilizing event listeners as well as object oriented programming to create objects necessary for game.

This bot reads in message with the v!mood command followed by a message. After detecting the mood of the message, the bot then sends a corresponding song that matches the mood and produces an emotion score ranging from -1 (sad) to 1 (happy). Your previous emotion scored will be stores and the average is calculated to compare with your current emotion. Achieved 2nd place overall in YR Hacks 2021 and the best application of a database!